​Holy Family Academy School

​About HFA

Honor Code

  As a member of

Holy Family Academy Community, 


​I will uphold the spirit of honesty in

my academic work both in and out

of the classroom.  I will not

dishonor myself, nor my fellow

students by engaging in bullying.

 I will not tolerate the bullying of

others.  I will be respectful of the work

and personal property of my fellow students.

i will treat others as I wish to be treated

not only in person, but also in their absence

and in social media outlets.  I will conduct myself,

with honor and dignity within and beyond the walls of

Holy Family Academy.

 My word is my pledge.    

Daily Schedule

Arrival Begins

​Teacher on Duty

​7:30 AM          All classes report to the gym 

7:40 PM          Students report to their classrooms

7:50 AM          Opening Prayers

7:55 AM          Classes Begin

2:10 PM          Closing Prayers

​2:15 PM          Bus Students Dismissed


2:20 PM        Classes Dismissed by grade levels