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About Us.

Holy Family Academy


Welcome to Holy Family and thank you for your interest in our school! Our teachers and staff are committed to the success of each child that walks into our classrooms. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire all students to reach their God given potential. We also believe that this is a total team effort. We partner with families to ensure each student receives the support they need and our goal is to create ongoing communication with families along the way. Our teachers are dedicated to their students' growth. Nothing shows that more than this school year. We have been faced with so many obstacles and challenges, yet our teachers and students continue to accomplish great things. 

Our Mission.

Holy Family Academy is a caring and welcoming family where educational excellence is our standard and faith is our inspiration.


We strive to prepare our students to be faith-filled leaders and life-long learners dedicated to the service of Church and society.

Honor Code.

As a member of Holy Family Academy, I will uphold the spirit of honesty in my academic work both in and out of the classroom. I will not dishonor myself, nor my fellow students by engaging in bullying. I will not tolerate the bullying of others. I will be respectful of the work and personal property of my fellow students. I will treat others as I wish to be treated not only in person, but also in their absence and in social media outlets. I will conduct myself, with honor and dignity within and beyond the walls of Holy Family Academy. My word is my pledge.

We Believe...

Each child is a gift from God, and must be nurtured in an environment of love, support, tolerance, and mutual respect.

Imparting knowledge of God and his creation is the reason for our school.

Collaboration of faculty, staff, and parents offer shared insights and support in the Catholic Education of students.

Our school provides a program which challenges students academically and builds character and integrity.

Our students extend their knowledge, hearts, and hands in service to teach each other and their community.

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